About Us

We believe that indoor vertical farms and nutrient-dense microgreens have important roles to play now in the the future of food.

Our Story

Collective Joy Farm seeks to grow and create beautiful food, inspire joy, and lovingly educate and collaborate on ways to increase access to the freshest food.

Since 2014, we have grown microgreens, herbs, edible flowers, and other produce - and we have been transforming this nutritious produce into our fresh juices and plant-based, whole food products.

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We are an open access indoor farm opening early in 2023 at 477 Macdonnell Street in beautiful Kingston, Ontario. We will grow, make, and sell all of our products right here on site.  

Come view our amazingly productive indoor grow space and browse our shop featuring the produce and food items grown and made right here in your neighbourhood.

Why Vertical Farming?

Save Water

In our climate-controlled indoor farm we grow our microgreens vertically on racks under LED grow lights where they thrive in an efficient system that uses very little water. 

Year-Round Produce

We use organic seed, recycled hemp fibre growing medium, and no herbicides or pesticides.  The result is very high productivity in a small area, and the ability to produce beautiful, vitamin and mineral rich greens right in the community where they will be eaten, year-round.  

Fresh and Local

This is a winning formula with no long supply chains, or produce sitting on shelves losing nutrient value - simply the freshest, top quality young greens, grown and available, right in your neighbourhood.  


We can even harvest for you on demand - simply come on in - and bring your own container for zero waste!  It really does not get any fresher than this!

Why Microgreens?

Nutritious and Delicious

Microgreens are the very young shoots of vegetables and herbs, which we harvest when they are 10-21 days old depending on variety.  To the delight of all, these delicate young greens taste just like the vegetables or herbs they are and come in a vast array of flavours, textures, and colours.  They look beautiful on the plate and compliment every dish. 

In addition to being beautiful and delicious, they are also a highly nutritious food source, and are increasingly being recognized in scientific literature as a valuable functional food source.  

Rich in Vitamins

Microgreens are rich in vitamins (especially vitamin C), minerals (such as copper and zinc), and phytochemicals that act as antioxidants in the body (Zhang et al).

Functional Foods

Increasingly, studies are showing that microgreens as functional food are not only nutritious, but beneficial to human health with a role to play in the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases.  Research in this area is ongoing, and very exciting (Zhang et al and Choe et al).

A recent Science Daily article titled "Small but Mighty:  Microgreens have gone from Trendy Vegetables to Functional Food" says it all!

Resilient to Change

At Penn State University, a team of international researchers even point to microgreens grown in indoor systems as relevant to global events like disrupted supply chains and circumstances related to climate change in a study titled "Food Resilience in the Face of Catastrophic Global Events".

Microgreens are truly a valuable food source now and have great potential for the future.  For those wishing to learn more, many more studies and articles can be viewed here.