Your Neighbourhood Farm

We are a new kind of farm, an indoor year-round farm located right in the heart of the city!

Our sustainable method uses organic seed and growing medium, LED lighting, and minimal water. No herbicide, pesticide, or fertilizer is needed and all of our compost is used to enrich beds of edible flowers and vegetables in season! Low inputs and zero waste!

This year, we produced over four thousand of pounds of nourishing greens on only 72 square feet of stacked vertical shelving. In the coming year we aim to increase our urban production to over ten thousand pounds of fresh food grown right here!

Visit us today to learn more and to taste the difference local makes!

  • Quality

    Making fresh, healthy food taste great is what we do. Here you will find organically grown produce and 100% whole foods specialty items made with the freshest local ingredients.

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  • Sustainability

    Our indoor growing method uses little water, is free of pesticides and herbicides, and produces an abundance of healthy food year-round. We use plant-based and re-usable packaging - and work continuously toward a zero waste goal.

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  • Empowerment

    Growing food for yourself, your family, and your community is empowering! We want to help you succeed. We offer consultations year-round to help at any stage of your journey.


Whole Food, Plant-based Goodness

Cold-Pressed Juices

Our delicious, freshly made cold-pressed juices feature our microgreens and the best produce... 

Eat Local Bowls and Salads

Our freshly made bowls feature our produce (of course!) alongside the best...