Want to grow more fresh food for your family, business, or community?  Want to add value-added products to your farm produce to increase year-round income?  Have an exciting, innovative project idea but not sure how to get started?  We can help!

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With over 10 years experience vertical farming, and over 20 years experience in sustainable food production, we have the experience and passion to set you on the path to success!  Let us be your resource for one on one support anywhere along your journey.  

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  • Growing Fresh, Healthy Food for Your Family

  • Building a Thriving Microgreen Business

  • Thriving on a Small Farm - Creative Value-Added Products

  • How to Succeed at Farmers' Markets

  • Your Specific Project!

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We offer a free 15-minute Discovery Call to see how we will best be able to help you! One hour consultations or two months of support are then offered as needed until you reach your goals.

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