Nourish & GROW

We are on a mission to increase access to fresh, nourishing food for as many people as possible right where they live.

Do you want to get involved? Our new Nourish & GROW Program and Community will focus on sharing knowledge and resources, empowering and bringing people together to build a thriving, vibrant network of sustainable indoor farms.

"Dream your dreams with open eyes and make them come true." - T.E. Lawrence

With over 10 years experience vertical farming, and over 20 years experience in sustainable food production, we have the experience and passion to set you on the path to success!

We can help you realize your vision for increasing access to nourishing food in your community, organization, or city.

We currently offer consultation packages and will be launching our new Nourish & GROW program in the fall of 2024. More information soon!


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  • Growing Fresh, Healthy Food for Your Family

  • Building a Thriving Microgreen Business

  • Thriving on a Small Farm - Creative Value-Added Products

  • How to Succeed at Farmers' Markets

  • Your Specific Project!

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